Hey guys! If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m Jessica! I live in a small town in eastern Pennsylvania with my lovely fiancé, Marty, and our corgi, Watson. I have a huge passion and love for animals, travel, and memories. I’ve loved taking pictures ever since I can remember because it’s a way of capturing memories and physically being able to keep them forever. I really fell in love when I started portrait photography in 2013. 

Getting to know you and hear your stories is my favorite part of what I do! My goal as your photographer is to capture the authentic moments that are important to you. Everyone is different, so I am sure to tailor each photoshoot to fit you! Whether it’s a senior portrait session or a wedding, each photoshoot is special and unique. My goal is to represent that in the photos I take. I’ve always been a fan of the authentic, unexpected shots and try to get as many as possible to give you the feels!  I can’t wait to learn more about you and provide you with memories that last lifetimes!


Displaying Wedding Photography


Your wedding photos are one of the few takeaways you'll have when the day is all said and done...except your spouse of course! Your photo package should be exactly what you want. I work hard to custom fit my packages to completely fit your needs from the engagement through wedding day.


Family and couples photos are a great way to save a snapshot of your family for generations to come. Use them to celebrate a special occasion, or just to get your family together to do something memorable. Every family and couple are different, so I build my packages completely around your needs.


What better way to capture someone's authentic self than with a photo? Mark a vital turning point in your graduate's life with senior pictures. Show a glimpse of your beautiful self with a portrait. I work hard to pair your personality with a natural setting to create a comfortable environment for you to be you.


Memories are made at special events. I want to make sure I catch every one I possibly can in a photo for you to treasure forever. Whether you need me for an hour, or an entire weekend, I can build a package to assure that you have pictures worth a thousand words of memories that are priceless.

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The Whole Package From Start to Finish

From the time of your engagement through your wedding day it can feel like a whirlwind of amazing memories. I want to make sure I capture those memories for you to treasure for a lifetime and pass down for generations. My goal is to prepare a package that encompasses everything the bride and groom are looking for in a photographer on their special day and through all the events leading up to it. Every couple is different, so my wedding packages are completely custom to fit your needs.

 I prepare a questionnaire to gain more knowledge about my couples and what they’re looking for in a photographer. My wedding packages typically include wedding day “getting ready” photos, ceremony photos, and reception photos. However, I’m happy to add any other photos you would like. Engagement photos, bridal shower photos, and even bachelor and bachelorette party photos can be added to create a full wedding experience package just for you! Contact me today to start building your perfect wedding package.


Aside from the marriage and your partner of course, wedding photos are one of the only things you have left after the wedding day! I keep that in mind with every wedding I shoot making sure to capture everything the bride and groom would like. I also strive to capture a lot of un-posed, “real” photos for the couple and their families to look back on with smiles and laughs. From the getting ready photos, to the ceremony, to the reception, and everything in-between, I look to capture every raw emotion, every special moment, and every little detail, that help make your wedding day the special day that it is.


Engagement photos are always so much fun! It’s lovely getting to meet the couple before their big day and really get to know them. I like to do engagement photos in a remote setting, where the couple can feel comfortable and be themselves. I strive for the most authentic photos possible! Engagement sessions are filled with tons of laughs and un-prompted smiles. Each couple is different, and I choose a location and format that caters to what they are looking for.

Bridal Showers

Bridal showers are such meaningful events that family and friends put so much thought into. However, when the event comes around, everyone is so busy that often someone forgets to take pictures! That’s where I come in. I show up early to capture all the details of the décor and food that the bride, her family, and her friends have worked so hard to prepare. Then, I’m there to shoot candid and posed photos of the bride and her guests throughout the shower to create the perfect takeaway to remember the day.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

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Priceless Moments Captured Forever

Couples and family portraits are great to remember special events, or just to have to hang in the house to share forever! I love to capture the natural laughs and smiles of tight-knit couples and families. This makes for very fun photos that the whole family will love and can pass down for generations. They’re also great for posting on social media for family and friends to see.

Every family and couple shoot is different because every couple and family are different. I tailor your shoot to fit your needs in a location that allows your family to feel comfortable and natural. Instead of capturing all posed images, I like to include semi-un-posed photos where I give a little bit of direction, but you’re free to interpret the direction as you please. These photos show authentic expressions and actions that wouldn’t come from posed images alone.

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Couple's Photography

Couples photos are more intimate than full family photos. They’re a great way to save memories of a special time in your relationship. I take every opportunity I can to capture the natural, raw emotions and feelings between the couple during intimate moments. Like while they are walking together into a sunset, or when they kiss each other without being prompted. Your photos should embody the love, the closeness, the happiness, and even the goofiness that you share. I want to capture moments of love and intimacy that you can keep for lifetimes.

Family Photos

Family photos are great to snapshot special moments in your lives, or just to capture beautiful pictures of your family during the changing seasons. Not to mention, they get your family outside and spending the day together. I make sure to pick a location that accentuates the time of year and captures the beauty of nature. The changing leaves of the fall, the snow in the winter, and the beautiful flowers of the spring and summer are all great backdrops for family photos. I love working with families that have young children and I work hard to make sure the photoshoot allows the kids to have fun and (almost) forget their being photographed.

Maternity Photos

A maternity photoshoot, similar to a couples photoshoot, is intimate. It represents the bond of mother and child before the baby is even born. I capture the love from the mother and family to the unborn child in beautiful natural settings. I like my clients to bring props such as baby clothing, stuffed animals, blankets, etc.


A Snapshot of Personality

Senior pictures and portraits are about capturing the personality of the subject in front of the lens. You will be able to tell a little bit about the person by looking at the photos. It is a fun opportunity for them to be who they truly are and show their true selves!

Senior Pictures

Senior pictures capture a very important transition in your child’s life from high school to the next level. Whether they’re heading to college, a career, or traveling, this is the end of a huge part of their life and the start of a world of new beginnings. This is a special day where they get to be themselves! Of course, I capture a few yearbook-style traditional photos in natural settings. However, I really want to make sure to capture photos that represent their personality, interests, and hobbies. Whether that be reading, dancing, firefighting, photographing, etc.! Anything that captures what makes your graduate who they are!


Portraits should capture the personality of the person and their interests and hobbies. The emotions I try to evoke vary from person to person. I want people to feel happy and excited to see their photos. I want them to feel beautiful, handsome, and that whoever they are is more than enough. These photos are special and display the true you.


Once in a Lifetime. Forever in an Image.

I love love love events! Birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversary parties, holiday parties, gender reveal parties, family reunions, etc. And I’m open to any other suggestions! I do indoor and outdoor events. Packages are determined upon the number of guests and amount of time I photograph. I make sure to tailor each package to fit everything you want for the day. Events are so important because they signify an important occurrence in the lives of the people in front of the lens. It’s important to have quality images of the day to keep and share for years to come.

Pet Photography

Your Best Friend Forever.

Pet photography is fun because pets don’t exactly know how to pose for photos, so the pictures are authentic and show the personality of your furry (or not so furry?) family members. I like to capture the image from the world of the pet by getting down to their level to gain a different perspective. If your pet needs to stay on a leash or confined, no worries! I make it work. Leashes can easily be edited out. Hyper and rambunctious fur babies are welcome, too! With a super-fast shutter speed I can easily catch awesome photos of them playing and romping around. I take many photos at a pet photoshoot to get a lot of great shots for you to keep! Contact me below to schedule your pet for a photoshoot!

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